Monday, January 10, 2011

Hawaii Big Island - Umauma Experience: Zipline, Umauma Falls & Beautiful Hawaiian Up-Country Scenery

About one hour to drive from Hale Moana Bed & Breakfast:

The "Umauma Experience" offers visitors a soul-touching and breathtaking combination of activities: Zipline, the three-tiered Umauma Falls, up-river landscapes, swimming in natural river pools and a Garden of Peace.

Impressive to us as visitors was the holistic concept intended by the owners, where visitors not only experience the thrill of an incredible zipline, but also are introduced to the natural beauty of the waterfalls, gulches, Hamakua coastline and beautifully designed gardens.

 The Big Island Umauma Falls zipline has 9 long lines with almost 2 miles of spectacular zippping through paradise, over waterfalls and ocean views. The zipline includes a 2,200' dual line, where visitors can ride side by side, while watching water falls from 100' above, Mauna Kea with snow on it in the winter and the Umauma River disappear into a lava tube. Each of the 9 lines portraits a different focus of natural wonder on the Big Island. At the end of line #9 by the visitor center you can also take a "Leap of Faith" on the dual-harness giant 90' high swing over the 100' Umauma River Gorge.

All equipment, zipline stations, shelters and harnesses look very well maintained and in excellent condition.

Part of the Umauma Experience are the tropical river garden walks from the Umauma Falls through beautifully landscaped areas, where many local plants and trees, some of them giant and very old are introduced to the visitors. Shelters with pick-nick tables overlooking breathtaking views offer visitors the opportunity to take in the special atmosphere of this original piece of Hawaii. A walk through the Garden of Peace encourages people to rest and find inner peace by letting go of some of the enemies within ourselves like untruth, hate, stress and unknown fears. One of the walks leads down to a huge natural swimming pond fed by the water of the Umauma River and surrounded by big bolders. It is also the place, where a large petroglyph was discovered, one of the very few along the Hamakua coast.

We found that the zipline is not an intrusion into the natural landscape and that all the gardens are created with the idea in mind to allow visitors a glimpse of the authentic beauty of this part of the Big Island. They are carefully designed integrating all the natural elements that were there long before rather than trying to impose something foreign and out-of-place. The idea is to preserve the lands as stewards and to make them accessible to visitors in an eco-friendly manner.

We truly enjoyed this visit to the Umauma Experience and found it to be a great place for a fun family day. To inquire and for reservations you can call (808) 930-9477 or you can go to the website

After our Umauma Experience, we went up the Hamakua coast a few more miles to Laupahoehoe were we had a lovely lunch at the 50's Highway Fountain Diner.

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