Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lava Flow into the Ocean - Lava Boat Tour

Lava Ocean Boat Tour

Isaac Hale Beach Park, the departure point to go on the Lava Ocean Adventure Lava Boat Tour, is only 10 Minutes from Hale Moana Bed & Breakfast. Many times guests stay with us the night before the boat tour. It is easy for them to drive from our B&B to the boat ramp early in the morning and then after the tour come back to enjoy our Gourmet Island Breakfast.

When we left the house on the morning of December 19, 2011 it was dark and rain was coming down in sheets. We made the 10 minute drive down to the coast and met the crew from Lava Ocean Adventures at the Isaac Hale parking area. The sky cleared up and it was soon time to go on the Lava Kai Boat, a large aluminum catamaran.

We have been out to the lava with the boat before, and each time it is different and very special. This morning, however, everybody was super excited: The lava has not been flowing for over 10 months and it is only since about a week ago, that it is entering the ocean again.

When you go on the morning sunrise tour the boat leaves in the dark from the local Isaac Hale Beach Park boat ramp. The first few minutes when Captain Shane turns the boat to cross the swells are a little bumpy, then under calm ocean conditions it is a smooth ride out to the lava flow. Currently, the lava is flowing into the water past the Volcanoes National Park boundaries. 
As we got closer, lava glow started to be visible from a distance. But then we arrived and the lava was cascading in many areas over the cliffs into the water. It is such an incredible experience to be part of this ancient creation process. Even after all these years of living here and seeing lava many times, it never changes: it is incomprehensible for us to know, that it is molten rock we are witnessing and that this is how our planet was formed. When the lava touches the water, there is steam and hissing sounds and you can smell the steam. It is just so beautiful and amazing. The pictures we took just show a small portion that don't do any justice, the real experience is so much bigger than that and touches us as observer on many levels.

As you are out there watching the sun slowly rising over the horizon it starts to dip the island into this golden morning light. Slowly the colors of the land with its blacks and greens are beginning to unfold. The morning time is absolutely beautiful and the ride back along this still pristine and undeveloped coast line is breath taking. Dolphins ride alongside the boat. We know this coast so well, but the beauty never seizes to amaze us.

Thank you, Captain Shane and the Lava Kai crew for another incredible experience! For more information on how to connect with Lava Ocean Adventures you can go to their website.

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