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Hilo - 8th Annual Lei Day Festival - May 1, 2012

8th Annual Lei Day Festival - May 1, 2012
Kalakaua Park - Hilo

Stay at Hale Moana Bed & Breakfast and visit the Lei Day Festival in Downtown Hilo - only 35 minutes away:

Her Floral Majesty,
2012 Lei Day Queen Hokulani Fo,

invites you to attend the Lei Day festivities taking place
Lei Day, 1 May 2012,
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Downtown Hilo

at the
East Hawai`i Cultural Center
10:00 - Decorating the Ku`ahu Lei
11:00 - Reading of the Mayoral Proclamation
3:00 - Singing of Hawai`i Aloha
Throughout the Day
* Art Show & Lei Display *
* Lei Demonstrations *
* Music * Hula * Storytelling *
* Food Vendors * Craft Vendors *

* Tea with Her Floral Majesty Hokulani Fo, Lei Day Queen *
a ticketed event

"A lei is not just flowers strung on a thread. A lei is a tangible representation of aloha in which symbols of that aloha are carefully sewn or woven together to create a gift. This gift tells a story of the relationship between the giver and the recipient. many things can make up a lei. One can string flowers, seeds, shells, or berries into a lei. One can weave vines and leaves into a lei. One can weave words into a poem or song, which is then a lei. The ultimate expression of a lei is kamalei - the child which represents the intertwining of aloha between the parents."

The theme for our Lei Day festival is "He Mo`olelo ko ka Lei," A Story of the Lei. This theme was selected to help us to remember that each lei tells a story, perhaps of farewell, of return, or a job well done. . . but always, the story is of love.

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