Thursday, December 5, 2013

Legends of Hawaii

The La'ieikawai Legend

Laʻieikawai - was a beautiful princess from Laʻie Oahu. Hidden away from her father, who killed all of his newborn daughters because he wanted a son, she was kept in a cave which was only accessible by diving into a pool of water, called Waiapuka. Soon there was word that royalty was near by because of the tell-tale rainbow that graced the sky above her cave dwelling.
Secretly her grandmother, Waka, smuggled her to Paliuli in the Puna district on the Big Island. On their way there, rumors of Laʻieikawaiʻs beauty traveled throughout all the islands. Aiwohikupua, a young handsome chief from Kauaʻi, decided to pursue her. At her home in Paliuli, Laieikawai was attended by supernatural birds such as the 'i'iwi polena. It is said she could float on the wings of the birds. While other royalty in Hawai'i had mere feather capes and cloaks, Paliuli had a house made of the sacred feathers. A beautiful rainbow formed over her home in Paliuli. After a series of misfortunes, she becomes known as Kawahineliula ("woman of the twilight").

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